Addicted2Books Review Policies & Procedures

Hello readers!

This is a personal book review blog! I do not get paid. These are my opinions  on the books I read.  I promise to give my honest opinions & reviews. (Even if you don’t like them!)

I read books from published well known/indie authors. I get ARC books from promo companies, as well as Netgalley. I do love ARC books, but because I’m only 1 person I can’t guarantee I’ll get to the books you send me via email. If I do choose to read your book, I’ll email you to let you know!

I love opinions/suggestions and/or disagreements about reviews I post. I’m always improving my blog/reviews! I do not accept spam comments!

Addicted2Books is an honest review site. I try to be respectful to all books/authors, however you may disagree. Feel free to email me and let me know, but please don’t send hate mail. I may love you as an author, however  I’m may not be fond of your latest creation.

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