Summary: Chloe Weston decided to visit her best friend Ashtyn Moretti for the Summer. Ashtyn lives in Oregon. Ashtyn is wrapped up with her boyfriend Flynn. His band Marlowe signed a record contract. They have to move to Portland. Ashtyn is devastated. Chloe hangs out with Jax and Hudson Hartley. She develops feelings for Jax over the Summer, but he’s too screwed up to be in any kind of relationship. Hudson is quiet. Chloe doesn’t notice him much until she gets into trouble. Chloe and Ashtyn go to a party. Chloe sees Jax doing body shots with groupies. She’s so pissed she decides to takeRead More →

The infamous Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. College grad Anastasia Steele meets billionaire Christian Grey. Then Ana meets Christian’s Red Room. (She calls it The Red Room of Pain.) After Christian takes her virginity, she tries out the Red Room. She enjoys it.  Christian Grey. Adopted at age 4 by a wealthy family, but comes from an abusive environment. Very serious, and successful. His mother’s friend introduces him to BDSM, and Christian becomes a Dom. Anastasia changes him. She opens him up, and he falls in love with her.  I’m not going to spoil the book for anyone who’s lived under a rock, and hasn’tRead More →

Summary: Erin has gone through a lot recently. After Prom, she was raped. Then her best friend committed suicide. Erin decides to go on a trip to Los Angeles. Her father really didn’t care she left on a trip across the country. She’s plagued with panic attacks, visions of dead people, and flashbacks. She meets Ben in a coffee shop. He’s a writer, and a friendly face. They explore L.A. together. Ben helps Erin heal. He makes her feel safe. Erin talks about her friend’s death, and her rape. Ben never pushes Erin, but she opens up for the first time. Unfortunately, her time in L.A.Read More →

[otw_shortcode_divider margin_top_bottom=”30″ text_position=”otw-text-left”][/otw_shortcode_divider] Summary: The Found Duet is about Gwen and J.C. Gwen is a rules kind of girl. She comes from an abusive home, so she knows how to shut out emotions. Then she meets J.C. Free Me: (Book #1) J.C. notices Gwen. He thinks she’s uptight, and volunteers to help her let loose. After Gwen gets some bad news about her brother, J.C. finds her in the kitchen looking for a knife. She jumps his bones. They have hot sex in the kitchen after the club closes. He’s intrigued. Gwen is interested.  Their relationship has rules. Only first names, no personal info. TheyRead More →

Summary: Mia Bennett was hopelessly in love with Jensen Reynolds once upon a time. He was her future. She encouraged Jensen’s writing ambitions. Jensen broke her heart. She avoided Jensen at all costs for five years. Not hard because he lived in New York. Five years later, Mia gets a job in New York. She’s a temporary photographer for a popular magazine. Unfortunately, it’s the same magazine where Jensen is a freelance journalist. She’s forced to work with him. Jensen didn’t have the same childhood Mia did. He grew up with his aunt because his mom left. He was the punk kid. He had tattoos,Read More →

Summary: Estelle Reuben is in mourning. Her fiance died way too soon. She lived with his ghost for a year, but it’s time to move on. She decided to sell the house she shared with him and moved in with her attorney (and overprotective) brother. That’s where she ran into him again.  Oliver Hart was an ambitious overachiever. He worked hard to achieve his goal and become a Dr. Unfortunutely he let her get away. She was a young, and off limits. She’s his best friend’s little sister. Oliver couldn’t fight his attraction. They had sex the night before he left for med school. ThenRead More →

Summary: Poor actress Ashlyn Roberts. She’s had a horrible week. She can’t stand her co-star, her ex-boyfriend released a sex tape, and her current boyfriend dumped her because she was bad for his cookie cutter image.  She meets this hot guy at a wedding. They decided to have fun in Vegas. No names. One night of drunken fun. After they fly to Vegas and Ashlyn gets a wig, they hit the clubs. Then Ashlyn has a fun idea. Marriage. So, they get married. They agree not to sue eachother and have a quickie divorce the next day by signing a napkin. The handsome stranger buysRead More →

Summary: Levee Williams was a mega pop princess. Everything she wanted. Somewhere along the way, she lost herself. She was working herself to death. She was anxious, she never slept, forgot to eat, and spent the majority of her time entertaining sick kids. She had a bodyguard who cared about her, a high-strung manager, absent parents, and a super cool gay bestie who loves to hit on straight guys. All this chaos in her life led her to the bridge. She contemplated jumping a few times. One day, she noticed a hot, tattooed, chain smoking stranger. She wore disguises so he didn’t know her realRead More →

Summary:  It was the Summer before Nicole left for college. Jake was staying in their boathouse. Nicole and Jake had insane chemistry. They started spending time together. They watched movies. They went jet skiing once. They had hot, steamy makeout sessions. Jake knew he couldn’t go any further with Nicole. She was the bosses daughter. She asked, but Jake always stopped before it went too far. Nicole never understood why. Anyways, the Summer ended. Before Jake left Nicole gave him a watercolor painting she did. She named it “Unfinished.” She made him promise in 2 years he would meet her back at that boathouse.  Read More →