When this phenomenon began, I was lost. In February, I saw the movie. My addiction began. I was all about Fifty Shades. I’m ashamed to admit I read the series 7 times and saw the movie about 4. I was all about Fifty Shades. The book, the movie, online fanfiction, and I even purchased merchandise. After I read and saw everything I could I wanted to read other books in this category. I was lost. I saw recommendations from other websites, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. I thought I should give my recommendations to all of you because hey why not right? 10Read More →

Summary:  (The sequel to Wicked White) Jared had it all. He was the star Baseball player in college, he had a hot girlfriend and a loving family. Tragedy strikes tearing all that away. Everything good in his life disappears. He falls into darkness and decides to leave everything behind. He doesn’t even say goodbye to his longtime girlfriend London.  London has been in love with Jared since middle school. Jared was her forever love. When tragedy strikes and Jared acts like a nutcase she stands by him. Jared flies into a blind rage and gets into a fight with his brother. He vanishes without aRead More →

Summary: Ace is the lead singer of the band Wicked White, but he’s miserable. After Ace receives a call from home he flips off his band and 20,000 fans. He to flies home to be with his sick loved one. After his loved one dies he starts thinking about his life. He’s sick of the media. He hates the Wicked White brand. He’s not very happy with his band mates. He decides he needs time to be normal and find out what makes him happy. He vanishes into thin air.  Iris is an aspiring Broadway actor. She returns home after her beloved Gran dies to get her affairs inRead More →

Summary:  Fallon meets Ben in a restaurant. Ben is an aspiring writer. Fallon is a struggling actress. Ben pretends to be Fallon’s boyfriend when her father (Also an actor) is belittling Fallon. Fallon is moving to New York, but they spend her last hours in L.A. together. They agree-No phone numbers, email addresses, faxes or social media stalking. When Ben drops Fallon off at the airport they agree to meet on November 9th until they’re 23. Unfortunately, life gets in the way. They struggle to follow the rules they created. Both of them have scars. Ben has inner scars. Fallon has physical scars. They fall in love ofRead More →

Summary:  Alix French was an outgoing, precocious eight-year-old who lives in a small town in Arkansas. She visits a junkyard one day with her grandfather (nicknamed The Judge.) She meets a boy named Nick Anderson. Nick has his own problems. His father is an abusive drunk, and the town has labeled him trash. Alix doesn’t care. She invites him to a church social. After that, Alix and Nick become inseparable. Nick gets close to Alix’s family. The Judge is especially fond of Nick. Alix sticks up for Nick, and Nick protects her.  As they get older, their feelings start changing. Alix is hopelessly in love withRead More →

I’ve decided to keep a list of books I really wanna read.  1. The Best Goodbye (Rosemary Beach)- Abbi Glines (Release Date: December 1, 2015)  2. One With You (Crossfire #5)- Sylvia Day (April 5, 2016) 3. Logan (Fallen Crest 5.5)- Tijan (Release Date: December 2015)  4. Endless Love Letter (Invisible Love Letter Sequel)- Callie Anderson (Release Date: January 2016)  5. November 9- Colleen Hoover (Release Date: November 10, 2015) 6. Untamed (Thoughtless 4)- S.C. Stephens (Release Date: November 3,2015) 7. Appealed (The Legal Briefs #3)- Emma Chase (Release Date: January 19, 2016)  8. Pucked up (Pucked #2)- Helena Hunting (Release Date: October 25, 2015)  9. Crush (#2 Tainted LoveRead More →